Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ice Fishing in North Bay

The previous weekend we managed to make the expedition from Toronto to North Bay (a distance of about  350 km north) to do some ice fishing.  Compared to the balmy winter conditions in Toronto it actually felt like a normal Canadian winter in North Bay.  There was about 10cm of snow on the ground and the ice on lake Nipissing was about 70cm thick.

View from the parking lot

What follows are a few photos I was able to snap during our Ice Fishing expedition.

Lots of snow at our destination - notice the snowcat behind the office.

The sun trying to peak through in the morning

Waiting for a lift out to our ice fishing hut

Down to the work at hand - ice fishing!

Our bait

Patiently waiting for a bite..........

A freshly caught Perch on ice

Ice huts at sunset

Pattern in the snow on the ice pack

A lone ice fishing hut on the ice

Ice huts at sunset

Ice huts at sundown

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