Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 2: St. Leonard, NB to N. Sydney, NS and onward to NFLD.....

The ferry leaves when!!!?
After breakfast we took a walk down the road from the motel and discovered we were a block away from the US border.  Definitely not like at Detroit or Fort Erie!  Before checking out Atty got an email from Marine Atlantic indicating that our ferry’s departure had been delayed from 11pm until 4am the following morning!!   So even though today’s drive was about 10 hours to North Sydney there was no rush other than to arrive before it got too dark.  What struck us on our through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were the beautiful sights and views we encountered along the way – something you’d miss by flying directly to NFLD.  The highways were well maintained and put Ontario and Quebec roads to shame.  We stopped for groceries in Sackville NB when it occurred to us that Monday was a holiday (long weekend).  Every province names the holiday something else (ie. In Ontario it’s a Civic holiday, in New Brunswick it’s New Brunswick day).  So to be safe we stocked up on some essentials for our first day in NFLD and we’d do more grocery shopping later.   While checking out our groceries we thought to ask the cashier if she knew if Monday was a holiday in Newfoundland.  The young girl replied “I’m not sure if they celebrate New Brunswick Day in Newfoundland”  We thanked her anyway…  Upon our arrival at the North Sydney ferry terminal (around 11:30pm) we were informed that our ferry’s departure had been further delayed from 4am to 7am!!  With little in the way of options at that time we were forced to park our car in line at the ferry terminal and sleep in the car.  It could have been worse and the sleep wasn’t bad but the 7-hour delay did mess up our schedule for Newfoundland!

The US border crossing (to Maine) in St. Leonard, New Brunswick

An amusing sign greeting US tourists at the border crossing

On the road to North Sydney ferry terminal

The Canso Causeway to Cape Breton

The day ends en-route to North Sydney

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