Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 3: Arriving in NFLD

Our departure from North Sydney at 7am was picturesque with a great view of the ferry and harbor.  The crossing to Newfoundland was about 7 hours and uneventful.  After arriving in Port Aux Basques in the early afternoon we headed north towards Gros Morne Park along the Trans Canada Hwy.  Our drive had a stop in Cornerbrook where we picked up additional groceries at a mall.  There was a million dollar view from the back of the mall’s parking lot not unlike what you’d see of the mountains in BC.  It struck us how lucky the local residents are to see this every day.  We drove on to our accommodations in Rocky Harbour.  Atty was fortunate enough to secure a waterfront cabin in Rocky Harbour for the first few nights of our stay there.  The view of the evening sunset was something to behold.

Atty catching some ZZZ's before the ferry departure

Our ferry the MV Caribou

It's amazing how many vehicles the ferry can hold!

Arrivng in Port Aux Basques

The view from the Cornerbrook mall's parking lot

Another view from the Cornerbrook mall's parking lot

The view from the rear of our cabin in Rocky Harbour

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