Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 6: Tablelands day hike

Feeling better today we decided to take an easy hike.  The Tablelands are an area within Gros Morne Park which exposes some of the oldest rock found on Earth.  The exposed rock is thought to be from the Earth's mantle and has become exposed through plate tectonics. The terrain is almost moon-like in character filled primarily with brown rock formations and a sprinkling of green where plants try to get a foothold.  On the way back to our cabin we stopped off at Woody Point a quaint fishing village for a beer at the Legion.  Atty struck up a conversation with one of the locals and before we knew it we were on a power boat tour of the harbour!  Another example of Newfoundland hospitality.

The moon-like bleakness of the Tablelands

Some of the plants struggling to get a foot hold

Another view of Tablelands from our path back to the parking lot

The harbour at Woody Point is a stark contrast to the Tablelands

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