Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 18: Boat Tour and Bon Fire

Today with help from Catherine we were able to secure some discounted tickets to a Boat tour to see whales and puffins.  The tour took us along the coast and the captain was able to navigate the boat close to shore after spotting a whale.  Thank god for Gravol as between the waves coming into shore and the reflected waves returning back the ride was choppy to say the least.  The crew repeatedly advised passengers to hold on to prevent falls which was good advice.  We were able to see a young humpback blow and do a jump out of the water but unfortunately with the movement of the boat taking a photo was pretty well impossible.  The view of the humpback whale was quite impressive to say the least.  We then doubled back inland a bit to see the bird colony where the puffins were to be found.  Although the boat was still pitching in the waves I was able to get some photos this time.  Towards the end of the Boat Tour unbeknownst to us Catherine had conspired to have us "Screeched In" by the crew.  Among other things during the ceremony we had to kiss a puffin's rear (no not a real one - fortunately we didn't have to kiss a cod fish as is sometimes done), take the shoes off of one foot, dunk the other foot - shoe and all into a pail of salt water, recite a Newfie expression and finally down a shot of Screech (rum).  Marching off the boat with sodden feet Atty and I left as honorary Newfies.  In the evening Patrick, Wilfred and Catherine came over to the cabin.  Patrick arranged to have a bonfire down on the beach.  I soon realized that it had been too long since I last sat in front of a fire.  It does ones' soul good to sit in front of a fire and and look into flames as the wood in the fire crackles away.




Treetops as seen from the cabin

Wilfred, Catherine, Me, Atty and Patrick with the cabin in the background

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