Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 21: Tinker's Point Path

Today we had the opportunity to meet one of Patrick's close friends, Mike.  We started out first by taking a hike on the East Coast Trail with Mike and his four legged friend Spongy.  The trail which we hiked is called the Tinker's Point Path and is about 5 km long.  This hike started off damp as it was drizzling.  However, the drizzle soon stopped and then it just stayed foggy which is fine for hiking.  Mike charmed us with his esprit de corps, his sense of humour and his accent (although I'm sure he'd say it was Atty and me that had the accent...).  In spite of the weather this was a beautiful hike from beginning to end.  We hiked through wonderful treed areas which hugged the shore, walked along the beach in sections and had some beautiful views of the coast.  Mike made a point of stopping periodically and explaining items of note along the trail.  At the end of the hike we headed back to Mike's home to meet his wife Alice and son Chris.  Alice cooked up a feed of fresh fish and chips followed by a wonderful dessert.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Mike and his family who charmed us with their hospitality.  They say that one of the measures of a man are the friends he keeps.  I don't think Patrick has anything to worry about!

Atty blending into the background.....

A view from the trail of what appeared to be a typical Newfoundland day

Mike, Atty and Patrick

Another view from the trail of what appeared to be a bleak day

Me, Atty and Patrick

A view from the trail down on the beach

Spongy our four legged companion on the hike

A view of the beach we crossed near the end of the hike

Atty, Alice, Chris, Patrick and Mike

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