Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend in Port Elgin

Atty and I were fortunate enough to receive an invitation from some friends of ours (Colleen and John) to spend the weekend with them at John’s cottage in Port Elgin.  Although the weather was a bit blustery (typical for late September) we had a great time in large part due to our hosts.  We did a beach walk from the cottage to Port Elgin on Saturday and a short hike through MacGregor Point Provincial Park on Sunday.  The weekend went too quickly and we were sorry to have to leave on Sunday evening.

A little bit of information about Port Elgin.  Port Elgin is located on Lake Huron near the base of the Bruce Peninsula. It is a charming small town nestled between Southampton to the north and MacGregor Point Provincial Park to the south.  The Port Elgin area was first settled by the Huron Indians with evidence of their settlements dating back to the 1300’s.  It was settled by Europeans in the 1800’s and became an important trading and supply hub for the region because of the natural harbour.  Agriculture played an important role in the region as well.  These days it’s more of a tourist and vacation destination with many cottages dotted along the coast.  The combination of water, sandy beaches, parks and hiking trails make it a very picturesque area worthy of a visit.  Below are some photos taken during our weekend visit.

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